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Music curation & event direction

Personalized music and art direction for wedding receptions, baptisms, corporate events, parties, openings and any kind of event.


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In every event, music holds the reins of entertainment and dancing and its success depends to a great extent on it. It creates the desired atmosphere, completes each event and can be fully personalized according to your preferences. Realizing the desire of many of our customers for a different approach to their event, we used our knowledge and designed with great passion a new service of creating musical and artistic themes that take place during various events, such as weddings, private parties and corporate events. 

This pioneering concept involves the creation of a concept that will be a unique thematic experience for all the guests. Whether you want to have a band playing and singing for you and your guests, whether you want your favorite artist to show up at your own event, whether you want to honor your place of origin and have musicians and dancers from there, we can make it happen. In the organizational part of such an event, and if you wish, we can connect the musical concept with the decoration of the space, the lighting, the food and every little detail.

Wedding receptions, corporate events, parties, openings and any kind of event with personalized music and artistic direction that require a high level of creativity, perfect organization and attention to detail. This is our new service to all of you who want to stand out.

Event & Co-ordination Consultant


I have been active in catering and entertainment for more than 30 years and using this experience I produce integrated events in every spot of the world. Innovative ideas, important contacts and strategic partnerships and above all my great love for what I do, give me all the tools I need to thematically take off whatever you have in mind. The services I have designed with my team offer integrated events that are unforgettable. I always draw inspiration from the personality and style of the people who trust me. It’s the story behind every event that makes it unique.


Events that stay in time, that everyone remembers, that make you say you would do it all over again.


Events planning

Consulting, coordination & supervision

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